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We wants to sponsor your games, if you are interested and want us to sponsor your game then please read on. In case you have any questions about all this, feel free to contact us.

What will you get from the sponsorship?

Well in simple terms.. We will pay you in exchange for a flash game sponsorship. The amount we pay will be determined on the quality and exclusivity of the game. Feel free to send your own price as well, and we will consider your offer.

Ofcourse, all the credits for the game will be yours. You are allowed to leave your name, information, link to your site into the game as long as you leave our logo in the FLA sourcecode as well..

What exactly do we want?

icon Most important, our intro logo must be present in the game intro or as preloader.
icon We would also appreciate it if you inserted a 'play more games' pointing to ''
icon somewhere in the game (or game menu) itself.
icon We allow others to download and use the sponsored game from our website.
icon We require that every future version of your game includes our intros, links and logos that we have agreed upon. In other words, you can't submit or publish the game without our intro, links/logos.
icon You can still submit your game to any websites you want as long as it contains our links/logos we have agreed upon.

In short..

icon You create a cool and original Flash game.
icon Please submit your finished game to before making it available anywhere on the Internet.
icon We decide how much we can offer for your game sponsorship. We will reply to your e-mail to let you know.
icon If you are intrested, we will help you to find the best places to insert the sponsorship logos into your game.
icon Send us the 'final' result once all the logos are in place. so we can check if everything is properly working.
icon If everything is looking fine, we send you the money we agreed upon, and we will make your game populair, and take care of all the involved bandwith as well!

In case you want to work with us, just send us an email with your questions , game , or comments to

Some things you could send us..

- The .swf file of the game
- Title and description of the game
- If you have a minimum offer for sponsorship please let us know

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