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Hunted Forever

Yopu are trapped... locked up and hunted. How can you survive this? and a better question: how can you escape from that thing.. the machine.. or whatever it is. You will be always hunted, and thats a fact. The controls of hunted forever are now in 'hunted forever' mode. The gameplay is greatly improved!
Game-play instructions
Use the mouse and the keyboard to get away from the hunter. A walkthrough for this game is available on the lower right corner. The new version of this hunting game is a lot better!
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Control the poor guy with your [arrow] keys or [WASD], jump with [up], [W], or [Space]. Pause with [ESC]. Pick up all the machine parts you can find; when you reach a safe zone, you can spend them on power-ups, like better speed or jumping height. No, you can't ever buy a bazooka. You are quite definitely the prey here, as the game will be happy to remind you with a sarcastic running commentary at the bottom of the screen. The game is fairly short, rendering the "Forever" in the title somewhat nonsensical, but there are four difficulty levels including Hardcore, where you have to finish without getting obliterated even once. Collect-o-philes can run through it as many times as they like, saving up more and more machine parts. Eventually, you may even stockpile enough to buy the "BBQ", which apparently grants you the power of Deliciousness.